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co_education's Journal

Co-Education: the Co-Ed fanfiction community
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Co-Education: the Co-Ed fanfiction community



quick links

tagging guide
formatting guide



Welcome to CO_EDUCATION, the first and only Co-Ed fanfiction community.


01. We hate rules just as much as you do, so we're keeping things as simple and short as possible. Please read all the rules, because if you break more than two rules in one post, repeatedly break rules, or ignore the warnings that moderators have given, we will be forced to delete your posts. The fourth infraction you receive in this community leads to a 30-day ban. If a second ban is necessary, it will be permanent.

02. Please learn to use LJ cuts! They are very important here. This will be your best friend.

03. Tag appropriately! See the links above for tagging and formatting.

04. Do not flame anyone.

05. Please don't link to locked journals for the first 48 hours. This is a requirement that we take seriously because we want Co-Ed love to be shared with all :3 After that, you can of course lock.

06. Run all advertisements by the mods first.

07. Please do not use banners outside of the LJ cut.

08. Member-lock your entry if it has adult content (NC-17 or R ratings). The mods will be forced to delete anything that has not been member-locked and contains adult concepts.

Contact the mods if you have any further questions! Have fun, guys!